You Must Watch……The Outlaw King

For those who love history, you may want to watch “The Outlaw King”, which serves to be an unofficial follow up to ‘Braveheart’ which starred Mel Gibson. The aforementioned film, ‘The Outlaw King’ follows the story of Robert the Bruce (Chris Pine) as the real life character initially wrestles with his morality and conscience, after again, pleading his loyalty to both King Edward 1 and England after the bloody demise of William Wallace.

Official Trailer

As the film progresses, Robert the Bruce, realises that the Scottish people are still feeling persecuted by the English and their rule. He decides to again rally the fractured Scottish clans into a fighting unit, though this of course, is not easy as internal rivalries still persist. The story sees Robert the Bruce initially suffering many setbacks and disappointments through betrayal and defeats in battle.

The story slowly turns as Robert the Bruce rallies a stronger fighting force especially as King Edward I forces begin to plunder and kill those who are deemed not loyal. The characters of both Edward 1 and Edward II are seen to be ruthless and cunning and eager to destroy the uprising at all costs. The film ends with the battle of Loudoun Hill which is an incredible set piece which is both gory and realistic. The film could continue on much longer though the story ends there and offers a glimpse into what could have been an epic mini series or a much longer extended story. The film decides to offer a short but concise view into the desperate early stages of the campaign when the clans were divided and needed one person to attempt to unite them.

‘The Outlaw King’ is entertaining with beautiful cinematography and though was not universally popular with critics and had much wider scope for the film to explore, it is still a must watch!

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