‘PENINSULA’ – The Sequel to “Train to Busan”, South Korea’s Runaway Hit Film

After years of anticipation and riding on the wave of success for South Korean cinema, the highly anticipated film, “Peninsula” has released it’s latest trailer. The timing of the trailer, for better or for worse, is during a time of global struggle due to a deadly virus.

The film is supposedly set four years after the original film ends and focuses on a new set of survivors who are trapped in a nightmare world where most of the population has been transformed into out of control lethal zombies.

‘Train to Busan’


The smash hit South Korean film, “Train to Busan”, delved deep into the dark recesses of the human psyche and how humans react to near death experiences and how everyone can be perceived to be a ‘good’ person until they are faced with a life or death situation though some people do rise to the challenge and show themselves to be brave and empathetic.

“Train to Busan” also played on how people may not always give the correct first impression and how appearances can be deceiving.The ‘Train’ and the film itself capture the failings and upside of humanity in a few hours. It seems the ‘train’ itself and the people trapped on it are a metaphor for society; the train hurtling towards disaster though people will still try and help those less fortunate than themselves out.

‘Seoul Station’ – Cartoon Prequel

Seoul Station

To round off what is now a ‘trilogy’ is, ‘Seoul Station’ the cartoon film prequel to ‘Train to Busan’. The animated film shows the lead up to the breakdown of society and the chaos unleashed as the world is overwhelmed by zombies.

The three films paint a world as a grim and chaotic place where hope still prevails….

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