You Must Watch…..The Goddess of 1967

The independent gem, “The Goddess of 1967” was written by Clara Law and Eddie Fong and directed by Clara Law. It is a ‘Road’ movie like no other and viewers will be instantly drawn to the characters who are both damaged and hopeful.

Quintessentially a dramatic road film set in the isolated and haunting backdrop of the Australian outback. The story follows a Japanese businessman trying to find meaning and focus in his life. He is also completely obsessed with Citroën DS (French car brand nicknamed Goddess). He travels to Australia for the car and encounters a young disabled girl (Rose Byrne – years before she made it huge in Hollywood) and as both are outsiders, they bond and develop a relationship as they travel across Australia. Both do not fit into mainstream society and both are seeking for greater meaning in their lives. It is a whimsical film and is beautiful in terms of the scenery and lead roles acting.

Unfortunately, the film was somewhat shamelessly ripped off by the film “Japanese Story” with Toni Collette.

The ‘Goddess of 1967’ is a magical film which is well worth trying to find to view.

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