You Must Watch….”Dirty Pretty Things” with Amelie Tautou – The “Other” London………

London is a bustling cosmopolitan city with over ten million people in both the City of London and Greater London. It is a hive of ceaseless activity with an incredible diversity of people from all around the world. It is this cultural tapestry and blend of people which gives it such energy, hustle and bustle. 

Given the nature of the city, there are many different world’s within this great metropolis which are as far away from the tourist postcard friendly view of the city than could possibly be.

‘Dirty Pretty Things’, directed by Stephen Frears, tells of the other London, the underside of London of illegal workers and migrants. London is percieved as the land of milk and honey for people from developing nations hoping to build better lives for themselves. The percieved reality is always different from the fantasy that can be presented sometimes with tragic consequences.

The film portrays a society that many do not know exist or are even aware of. The London of this film does not show any of the normal London sights and not a single ‘native’ Londoner is seen in the film until the last few scenes. This London is gritty and unforgiving and full of people desperate to work, adapt to a new culture and get by while at the same time trying to become established legitimate citizens while at the same time not being deported. 

‘Dirty Pretty Things’ stars Amelie Tautou, Chiwetel Ejiofer, Benedict Wong and Sergi Lopez. It paints a very sympathetic view of migrant (illegal or otherwise) life in the UK and  People often forget that many migrants and asylum seekers have legitimate claims to move to a new country; their lives are in danger or extreme poverty forces them to risk life and limb for a better life for themselves and their children. DPT shows the story of several characters from all around the world whose lives intersect for a brief period as they plan the next stage of their lives.

‘Dirty Pretty Things’ is a very human story with characters, with simple dreams, you truly feel for as they try make their dreams a reality in a world that does not fully accept them and their plight.

The trailer is not very good and portrays the film as a thriller….!

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