“I’m Living It” – A Film that Explores Hong Kong’s Growing Homelessness Issue

“I’m Living It” explores the ‘hidden’ side of Hong Kong, far away from the bustling financial hub which people globally are familiar. The film examines Hong Kong’s inhabitants, who simply try and survive day by day, in one of the most expensive cities in the world and who have fallen below the poverty line in a place which has one of the largest income gaps in the entire world.

The world of “I’m Living it’ follows several characters as they make a un-named fast food restaurant their unofficial home and after their day’s endeavours, etch out an existence, return to the venue to sleep and rest.

The main characters are Bowen (Aaron Kwok) who once was a high flying business star but whose greed got the better of him and he ‘fell’ from grace and now lives both ashamed and without any means to rebuild his life. Other characters include a down on her luck mother (Cya Liu) with her positive and street wise daughter, a broken man (Alex Man) who is haunted by his past, a young and lost runaway (Zeno Koo) and a world weary singer (Miriam Yeung) who tries to unite all these lost souls as an unconventional family.

The title, “I’m living it” is a play on words of the famous McDonald’s slogan “I’m Loving it” and shows how the different characters are trying to survive on the margins of society in a world, often shown to be rich and prosperous.

The film does a decent job of showing the struggles of its main characters though can veer to the overly dramatic in an effort to tug at the heart strings. An intriguing look at the side of Hong Kong which visibly exists in Hong Kong and is not as hidden as it seems.

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