Survival of the Fittest – “Animal Kingdom”

An incredible Australian film about the criminal underworld of Melbourne. Absolutely riveting and powerful……

Animal Kingdom tells of the ties that bind in an Australian gangland family in Melbourne. The old adage is that you dont choose your family rings true in this absolutely brilliant film. When 17 year Josh (James Frecheville) is left as an orphan right at the beginning of the film, he moves into his maternal grandmother’s home. This would be a pretty straight forward move but the only issue happens to be that the grandmother also is the head of Melbourne’s most wanted and violent criminal family.

The viewer is then taken on a roller coaster ride of emotions as you see Josh torn between following the straight and narrow or being loyal to his blood ties of his relatives whom he barely knows properly. Jackie Weaver deserved her oscar nomination with the amazing performance as the head of the family. Initially, she is seen as loving and warm to the new addition to her clan but as the police close in and the body count rises, she rapidly transforms into the ‘lioness’ out to protect her territory and loved ones at all costs.

This is a excellent little indie piece and offers a great insight into the mindset of members of a family who may not see eye to eye but stay together for the sake of survival. Another great performance from Guy Pearce who coincidently has starred in two Oscar best pictures in a row (Hurt Locker and The King’s Speech).

The film has now been turned into a successful TV series….

Definitely a must see………….

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