Senna – No Fear. No Limits. No Equal – A Documentary on a Great Man…….

“SENNA” is the long-awaited biography / documentary on the fast life and times of F1 legend Aryton Senna; the Brazilian who lit up the racing world with his courage and bravery.  Shot with archive footage from his go-karting days right till that fateful weekend in Imola in 1994, this piece tells his life story with old footage and does not feature present day interviews from those who knew him; so in a sense Senna’s life story is told from his own perspective…..

I barely follow F1 these days; but back in the day, I did watch the races and the names Senna, Prost, Hill, Mansell and many more featured regularly but Senna was always the star attraction….he constantly brought glory to his nation and himself and courted controversy…….

F1 drivers face their own mortality when they strap up to race, every second counts, any mistake can be fatal….Senna knew these risks yet faced them head on with full conviction…….

A fantastic documentary .

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