Littlerock – Lost in Translation (And Love) in Reverse……

Directed by Mike Ott, “Littlerock” tells of cross cultural confusion, isolation and how simply someone can quickly come into your life and just as fast disappear yet leave a huge impact. The simple story tells of (Rintaro Sawamoto) and Atsuko (Atsuko Okatsuka), a brother and sister combination traveling across the United States and end up in Nowheresville, USA, namely Littlerock. A small dead-end town with little to nothing to keep the people who live there entertained.

The two Japanese visitors end up staying for a few days as their car has broken down. They slowly befriend the townspeople and become good friends with one of the local slackers Cory (Cory Zacharia). Stuck with nowhere to go, the two tourists adapt to the local lifestyle, hanging out, slacking and more hanging out.

Rintaro can speak basic english while his sister cannot speak nor understand but her good looks make her the object of attention.Rintaro decides to move on but Atsuko stays on due to a growing affection for the small town, slow paced lifestyle and some of the migrant workers she meets. The film focuses on relationships in a cross-cultural sense whereby even a language barrier does not prevent people from falling in love; it also shows how some people feel trapped and limited  by small town life but are sometimes fearful to leave their small communities behind.A nice understated piece about the underlying human desire people have to connect.

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