Snowtown (2011) – The Dark Side of Down Under…..

Another film dealing with the concept of misplaced loyalty which created a huge buzz is “Snowtown”. Based on a true story, this Australian Independent piece has garnered critical acclaim all around the world through word of mouth and its gritty dark nature and subject.

“Snowtown” deals with the true story of one of Australia’s most horrific crimes which occurred partly in the small town of “Snowtown.” Such was the nature of the crime that Snowtown is synonymous with its dark history and the community have even considered changing the name of the town to move on. The “cut off” nature of the community will definitely add to the sense of claustrophobia and the terrifying fact that, unspeakable and random crimes can occur in the middle of nowhere; where nothing happens………

Sometimes “horror” does not have to lie in the crimes themselves but in urban isolation and the mundanity of dead end lives……….

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