Calibre (2018) – A Thriller and True Test of Friendship and Loyalty

Calibre is a British Independent gem directed by Matt Palmer. The film starts off as a simple bonding holiday between two long time friends and ends up as a gripping thriller where the sense of isolation becomes overwhelming as edge of the seat twists and turns come thick and fast which leave the two main characters in a morale dilemma which becomes a route of no escape.


The simple premise starts off as a trip with Vaughn (Jack Lowden) and Marcus (Marcus McCann) to a remote Scottish town for a holiday before Vaughn gets married; it ends up being a tour de force of thrills and spills and moral deception. The story basically examines the true cost of friendship and loyalty if friends will truly remain ‘friends’ in some extreme situations.

The film starts very innocently but there is one single incident which occurs, which changes the entire trajectory of the story and the film. An unfortunate incident occurs, where in the immediate aftermath, both Marcus and Vaughn have decide to which is the best course of  action to take. 

They make a choice and this leads them into a darker web of lies and deception and deceit and in the end, they are basically trapped in this village, and as the lies and deceit, catch up to them, they are and they were placed in a very precarious situation. 

Calibre is short and tense and frenetic and the sound and cinematography really captures the mood of the film. The isolation and the sense of foreboding is incredible as a once friendly town and its inhabitants seems to turn against them.

The film asks some morale questions and in the end, the viewer will end up questioning the decisions and choices which result in the shocking ending and what people will do to survive.

A Incredible Thriller ……in the Middle of Nowhere….

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