FILM: “The Queen of Versailles” – Documentary

“The Queen of Versailles” directed by Lauren Greenfield, is the new acclaimed documentary about the harsh new economic times that are engulfing the world. It follows the lives of the billionaire businessman, David A Siegel (Owner of Westgate Resorts) and his wife, Jackie and their family as they ambitiously attempt to build one of the largest homes in the United States at a cost that would make it the second most expensive in the United States ever.

This would all be fine except for the economic downturn which throws the proverbial spanner into the works. Their property empire falters and thus, so does their dream home. The film then shows the dramas and crises which the family encounters as they attempt to complete their once not so complicated plan.

With economic and social inequality at an all time high, this documentary will provide a telling insight into the upper strata of US society.

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